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In 4th & Vine Labels we aim to give you the best experience in having your customized labels done. Our templates are one way to help you accomplish that.

The Labeler FAQs:

Q. What fonts does “The Labeler” support?

A. “The Labeler” uses systems fonts. If you want to use any other font, which is not on “The Labeler”, just install that font to your windows operating system.

Q. Can I use a custom font in “The Labeler”?

A. Yes, just install the font you want to use to your system. However, “The Labeler” does not assist in the creation of new fonts.

Q. Where can I get custom fonts if I wish to use different fonts?

A. Do a search on the Internet for fonts on any search engine such as Google and it will come up with a bunch of places where you can get custom fonts.

Q. What image formats does “The Labeler” support?

A. It currently supports most common types of images such as:

1. JPEG  2. WMF 3. BMP 4. GIF

Q. What languages does “The Labeler” support?

A. “The Labeler” currently only supports English. If you have the right font you can apply different languages to the label itself.

Q. How do I uninstall “The Labeler”?

A. “The Labeler” is only a portable software what means that it’s not installed on your computer but you are using it directly from it’s folder. At any time if you feel that you don’t need it anymore, you can just delete the folder and that’s it.

Q. What date format does “The Labeler” support?

A. The Labeler currently only supports dates, which are in the following formats:

1. d/mm/yyyy
2. dd/mm/yy
3. d/m/yy
4. yyyy-mm-dd
5. yy-mm-dd

Q. Can I save my work as an image file?

A. No, you can only save your label as a label file within the labeler.

Q. My system was unexpectedly shut down and I was working on my label. Can I restore my label?

A. Unfortunately, No. “The Labeler” does not provide any automatic saving or restoring function.

Q. Can I have only one label on one page?

A. Yes, create custom panel when you start a new label. There are options about size and numbers of label on one page. Make sure to save your label projects as you work on them.

Q. Can I change the template without losing any objects on my label?

A. Yes. Go to the file menu and select ‘change template’. You will not be losing any data on your labels by changing templates, you can also choose to only print selected labels on a sheet of an existing label template in the print setup.

Q. A tool bar is not showing up, how do I get it to display?

A. The easiest way to do this is to go to the View Menu and select Toolbars this will display a side menu to this option with the four tool bars listed in it, if one of them does not have a check mark beside it select it and this should fix the problem.

Q. I printed a 4th & Vine label, but the artwork I choose did not print?

A. This is not a problem because, the template is blank and is not suppose to print, to have that template on the printed version of the label, you must purchase the label paper with that design from 4th & Vine Labels. This can be accomplished by going to the web site by either accessing it through the online resource tab on the start page of the “The labeler” software or by going to

Browse Our Products.